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Graphic designer, zombie guru, social media-holic, tech guy, East Asian music advocate, your friendly neighborhood geek. An entirely nondescript dude who practices medicine in his spare time



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by スポンサードリンク (2013.10.16 Wednesday ) | category: - | - | -

Just like that (repost)

Okay so I haven’t posted anything for ages. The blogs I’ve been maintaining on other sites have gone and Tumblr is all I have left. So just to update you. I recently passed the medical licensure exam. I can now practice and I am now a licensed doctor. I spent around 4 months reviewing starting when I finished my internship. It’s been busy really but there haven’t really been so many days where I wouldn’t be online.

So after finding out that I passed the boards, I started doing some small, doctor-y jobs here and there. The earning I get is a bit decent if I really just push myself a little harder. But then the time came for residency applications. Residency is basically what you’ll do for the rest of your life as a doctor. I chose Internal Medicine. So, I went through the application process and even did the interviews. I managed to get into the pre-residency program. This is basically where I go on hospital duty to show if I actually am good enough for the training program. It’s for two weeks. It hasn’t been a week and I backed out.

I backed out because I felt that I couldn’t handle the workload. I fell ill on the first day and I’ve been going on duty for the past five or six days with fever and a bad cough. Every after duty I felt like I was going to collapse. It’s only been 5 days… I thought. What if the time came when I actually started residency. I just didn’t want to end up the one they’re trying to revive on that cardiac bed. So I decided to throw in the towel. So there. That’s how my foray into Internal Med ended.

by Emil Balitaan (2013.10.16 Wednesday 18:46) | category: personal | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)

Updated blog design!

You probably noticed I updated this site's design. I made it look more 'web 2.0' and it loads much more faster since I trashed a lot of 'junk HTML' from when I started this blog. 

Anyway, I decided to keep this blog since it's been very reliable and it pretty much has this sentimental value to me. Yes more pointless rambling but my motive was really to try out some new CSS3 features that are more available now since more users are switching to modern browsers. If you'd look at the date to the left of the posts, it has a shadow! Neat huh?

I'm really torn between JUGEM and Posterous. JUGEM has all these neat features and the customization is very flexible that it could pretty much pass for Wordpress as CMS but Posterous is very easy to use and I can update it via SMS or from virtually any device that can go online but the 'framework' of the sites aren't that flexible as compared to JUGEM and it's really a pain to make a blog template from scratch for Posterous.  I also updated my profile page!

Edit: I also ditched the native comment forms since it's getting flooded with spam. I hate spam.

by Emil Balitaan (2011.03.15 Tuesday 21:34) | category: - | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)

I need to brush up

I need to brush up on Japanese so that I can post here again. Seeing all that Kanji made my head swirl a bit. I also need to write up something related to the earthquake here. What happened last Friday was really tragic. I pray that everyone's safe and that nothing happens that could make things worse. Even typing in English is beginning to be such a chore. I don't need to brush up on Japanese, I need to restart my brain.

by Emil Balitaan (2011.03.15 Tuesday 02:59) | category: personal | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)



by Emil Balitaan (2010.10.09 Saturday 03:26) | category: personal | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)

Sharing: Pioneer SE-CL21 Earbuds

Just wanted to post the new earphones I bought. I was supposed to buy noise-cancelling headphones but I thought about the implications of not being able to hear everything else...

Anyway, I got this for $21 instead of the $28 regular price. Not sure if it was a bargain though. But I somewhat love it and the sound quality is ok and it beats having to bring around huge Sennheiser headphones.

by Emil Balitaan (2010.01.06 Wednesday 11:29) | category: - | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)

New Year's Resolution Wallpaper

A very late Happy New Year to all of you! Here's just a wallpaper I made for myself to broadcast my new year's resolution. It translates to "It's already the new year, you should be studying!"

Still in class. I've given up listening to the Pharmacology lecture. I just want to rest. Lack of sleep. 

(Wallpaper for 1280x800)

by Emil Balitaan (2010.01.06 Wednesday 11:26) | category: - | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)

Just ranting

 I’m afraid I may have lost my motivation to continue pursuing my medical degree. I feel like this won’t get me anywhere. Fuck, I’m scared. I just want to stop this drama or whatever it is but I don’t think it’s that simple anymore. For now, I’ll just try to breathe and think. I want to hit myself for thinking this but my problem is I just have trouble seeing when I actually have to give up.

by Emil Balitaan (2010.01.04 Monday 22:25) | category: - | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)


Nakakalungkot yung mga nangyari ngayong taon. Ang dami nang nawala, ang daming ala-alang nasira... Ang mas malungkot pa... hindi pa tapos yung sakit... mas malungkot pa ang mararanasan ko sa mga darating na buwan. Pasensya na. Emo na naman at walang Japanese input ang gamit kong laptop and yeah I know I'm not making any sense at all...

(English translation will be posted soon)

by Emil Balitaan (2009.12.22 Tuesday 04:39) | category: - | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)

Just updating

ひさしぶり!みんなさん!Anyway, I'm just here in the Pathology lab. Slacking off.
Things are better generally speaking. I can't really be sure though. I just the decisions I made are for the best...

by Emil Balitaan (2009.09.15 Tuesday 15:43) | category: - | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)

More slacking off

Still pondering on what to do this weekend. Well I have to study for the Pathology practical exam and the Surgery evals but I have to go home. I still need to replenish my supply of anime series in my hard drive. lol. Twitter seems to be still down on my end but I'm getting updates from Twitter from FriendFeed.

It's going to be a long weekend...

by Emil Balitaan (2009.08.07 Friday 13:26) | category: - | comments(0) | trackbacks(0)

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